Mango Ink Creative



A design firm in the Pacific Northwest that believes small things affect big change.

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We love design. We love to create. We love to help the world be less cluttered, more simple, and more communicative. 

We’re in love with the Japanese word kamiwaza which loosely translates into the idea of doing something so well and effortlessly that we can’t help but sit and stare at how well it works.

Our goal is to create something beautiful, unique, and powerful that is all you.

We're digital and analog. We're websites and logos. We're business cards and posters.

We're creative and ready. We might be small but we work big.


We Are.

Heidi is drawn to clean lines and simple design. A born and raised Pacific Northwest girl, who craves all things minimal and clutter free, and aspires to have that be true in all aspects of her life.

Heidi loves reading cookbooks, yoga, sharing an amazing dinner with friends, wine, whiskey, camping at the lake, and and rhythm and balance.

Ryan likes to dive in to anything that lets him be creative, evolve, and help the world to be a more beautiful, more restful, and more united place. With more good, clean, simple, design.  

Ryan loves Nordic countries, aviation, a good book, a good piece of art, creativity of any kind, including food, and space (of every kind).

The Story. 

Ryan helped to create video games for 10+ years including work on the best-selling Myst and Riven. Together, with Heidi, they started a card company in 2005 called Mango Ink. In 2014 they started another little company called 08 Left to sell cool artwork centered around aviation and travel - because Ryan loves both of those things too.  

In 2017, after lots of requests from friends and amazing clients to do more custom work, they started Mango Ink Creative... to have some fun and continue working in more diverse arenas.

They have 3 kids and live in the PNW.